Mig33 FiGHTER v1 Testing Mood

Roll Kick
Enter And Kick
Multi Target Kicking(Brutal)
BlackList Kick
Detector - Auto Leave On Admin Detect
5types Flood
Manual Chat With Mutli ids
Multi Spy Ids - All multi-ids can be used as spy
Auto leave on kick start
Auto Vote
Auto Chat
Clone Chat
3set login at a time
3*3 set save and load
Super Fast Auto Enter
Manual Flood Speed Controller At Settings
Mobile Controller (Disabled in this version)
Group Flooder -  Group Roller, Group List, Group Flood With Two Ids With Two Text
Roller - 3Types Of roll , Roll With Unlimited Text
Bomber - PictureBomber(Updating - Mig33 changed media sharing system so new system will be available for bombing pictures) , Pvt Bomber With Super Speed
And All Common Functions For War :) U may suggest me on comment that how you will feel better to use this... And what feature you need ... Thanks For using this...

Update Link :- mf-update.4shared.com

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